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Should you upgrade from S4 to S5 this holiday season

Connected devices have become de facto holiday gifts with device activations significantly higher compared to an average day. And according to a recent survey, long battery life is the most desired trait consumers look for in a smartphone.

Naturally, with Samsung being the Android market leader, the following question arises — should a Galaxy S4 user upgrade to Galaxy S5 this holiday?Although Galaxy S5 has a 10% bigger battery than Galaxy S4, but it also has a slightly larger screen, a significantly higher resolution camera and more powerful CPU and GPU.

The following infographic compares the battery life of S4 with S5 by analysing anonymised data of 6,000 users collected by Estar over 2 months.

We assume a user is a gamer if the app that spends most time on the screen is a game. Similarly, if the top foreground app is a music app (messaging app) then the user is a music fan (messaging lover). Also, inactive users rarely turn the screen on (<5% of the total time phone is powered on) whereas active users keep the screen on for more than 20% of the total time.