Innovations That Set Mobile Enerlytics Apart

Mobile Enerlytic’s Eagle Tester supports your team by taking the guesswork out of mobile app battery management and measurement.


For QA Engineers: Automatic battery drain testing.


Automatically measure the battery drain of your mobile app upon every commit , creating testing scenarios in real mobile devices.



For Product Managers: Improve Apps Competitiveness and User Engagement

Improving app competitiveness – Monitor battery drain trends over the course of an app’s evolution and release only battery-efficient apps
Be in charge of design tradeoff – Make informed decisions regarding feature design and battery drain tradeoffs to maximize user engagement

For Developers: Isolate the root cause of battery drain in app source code.

Diagnostic – Locate the root cause of battery drain in complex app source code
Agility – Perform battery drain tests in real time on mobile devices
Comprehensiveness – Support major CI platforms such as Jenkins and Travis, as well as leading test frameworks such as Espresso, Robotium, and Appium.

For All: Intuitive Interactive Dashboard.

Dashboard – Get an intuitive, visual summary of your app’s battery drain trends, ongoing battery drain tests, and the battery drain performance of pending apps.